Lamborghini Aventador in Galaxy Wrap


There are a lot of really unique supercars out there. But often owners of the same supercar find themselves looking for ways to be unique — ways to make their quarter-million-dollar ride even better than their neighbor’s quarter-million-dollar ride.

Wanting to stand out in a crowd, one Canadian Lambo owner wrapped up his Aventador in a guise fit for Neil DeGrasse Tyson. (For those who don’t know, Tyson is an astrophysicist and host of the FOX show “Cosmos”.) For the obvious pun, this Lambo is really…out of this world! (ba dum tiss)

The owner of this Lambo is a member of the Vancouver Deluxe Supercar Club, and these shots were taken by photo ace Marcel Lech, based in Vancouver. And just about as impressive as the galaxy wrap is the fact that this is the very first Aventador Roadster ever delivered to our neighbors to the North, eh.

Read the full story at Boldride.

Galaxy Lamborghini Aventador 3

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