Perfection in 60 seconds: BKON Craft Brewer


The BKON Craft Brewer is the latest in loose-tea brewing technology. Powered by BKON’s patented RAIN (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion) process, the machine allows beverage artisans to easily craft any loose-leaf tea beverage, coffee, spirits, etc. Bkon’s Reverse Atmospheric Infusion changes the physics of extraction by controlling negative atmospheric pressure during the infusion process. Gases are released from the pores of the tea to create a void for the water to infuse. The boiling temperature of the water is reduced to accelerate agitation at a molecular level. This process targets and extracts optimal elements of the tea at key phases of the brew cycle, producing a unique clean finish and full body mouth feel.

"Other brewing methods and devices pull or push water through the tea…Reverse Atmospheric Infusion actually changes the air pressure, so the soluble flavor elements and natural sugars are extracted more completely and with greater purity.” says BKON’s co-founder, Dean Vastardis.

What’s more, the BKON Craft Brewer is capable of brewing over 60 cups in an hour and can store over 200 recipes. Perfection doesn’t come cheap…the BKON Craft Brewer costs upwards of US$13,000.

Perfection In 60 Seconds Bkon Craft Brewer 1


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