Bottega Veneta presents 'When Your Own Initials Are Enough: The Knot'


Bottega Veneta presents ‘When Your Initials Are Enough’, dedicated to honouring the label’s most renowned bags and the guiding principals that never cease to inform us of their ongoing evolution. The Maison narrates its historic chapters and its heritage of superior craftsmanship via a unique range of showcases, digital platforms, locations and experiences. These narrations centre around its iconic pieces, which embody within themselves a singular vision. For starters, ‘When Your Own Initials Are Enough: The Knot’ celebrates Bottega Veneta’s iconic clutch.

The Maison’s website now hosts a tribute to the house through a special capsule offering the chance to actively discover the DNA of the Knot, while social media platforms further engage the digital sphere. Furthermore, the Knot Retrospective will transform the two-storey St. Tropez boutique into a museum exhibiting about 300 Knots from archival to more recent seasons. The exhibit will open to the public from August 1 – 3.

The Knot is one of Bottega Veneta’s most recognizable and beloved handbags. When Tomas Maier took the reins as Creative Director in 2001, he saw the special quality of the company’s small, rounded box clutch. Maier created a new closure in the shape of a small leather knot and gave the bag its now iconic name. Since then, the Knot has been reinterpreted many times, always making an appearance in seasonal collections.

“The Knot is a one of Bottega Veneta’s signature pieces, offered each season in limited editions and quantities that make it a collector’s item, while always maintaining its iconic shape. Recognized and collected for its unique design, unrivaled quality and individual style, the Knot is a symbol of the company’s past as well as its future. For me personally, it is a continuous opportunity for a special kind of creative exploration.”, says Maier.

Bottega Veneta

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