Experiential dining at Sublimotion for $2,590


The location of the restaurant and presentation of the food has a great impact on the price that is charged for the food. A restaurant by the name of Sublimotion at Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza is now serving the most expensive meal to its guests.

The meal is priced at $2,590 and since its launch, the meal offered at Sublimotion has been attracting great foodies from all over the world. True to its name, Sublimotion gives you a unique experience. The ride in the lift to the dining hall in Sublimotion is as if you are heading deep down into the earth with the ground rushing past you.

Guests who wish to try the main course meal in the restaurant move over to a place which appears as an ancient library designed with gothic architecture. Chef Paco Roncero who is admired across the culinary circle and is considered as one of the best chefs across the world dishes out the choicest cuisine for the guests.

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