The Explosion Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz Can Transform Into Fascinating Shapes


Designer Sebastian Errazuriz’s pieces are known to embody his mischievous sensibilities. One the pieces was featured in his exhibition ‘Sebastian Errazuriz: Look Again’, is the ‘Explosion Cabinet’. At first look, the cabinet that’s made of maple, glass and steel, sits as a tidy credenza. The transparent glass panels on the sides provide a glimpse inside the seemingly simple and staid cabinet. The simplistic looks of the cabinet belie an exciting characteristic…

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Further exploration of the central vertical seam will reveal multiple straight grooves running along the wood. With a gentle push, the rails slide further and further open until it seems that the cabinet has “exploded” beyond the bounds of stability. The exhibition’s curator Rachel Delphia describes the Explosion Cabinet as “a beautiful, surprising, and confounding work that represents the playful conceit of the master cabinetmaker showing off.”

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Even as Explosion’s exterior expands outward, it retains beautiful geometric proportions, using mechanics so complex that they took more than a year to perfect, despite borrowing one of cabinetmaking’s oldest tricks, the sliding dovetail. The Explosion Cabinet was first featured in a selection of important objects representing the breadth of Errazuriz’s practice in Sebastian Errazuriz: Look Again. The exhibition was held at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, from September 6, 2014 to January 12, 2015.

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