Life in 3D: Kenzo Pre-Fall Line


Directed by Partel Oliva, with web designing by Kim Boutin and David Broner, the latest launch by fashion label Kenzo is a online art show at a museum, digitizing the Pre-Fall 2014 collection into a fictional narrative.

The short film, called Grace to the Nth Power, is interactive, and the script calls for models Grace Bol and Sang Woo Kim to ransack a museum, exchanging art works for screens playing videos of their act of robbery. Through it all, the models are seen wearing the Northwest America–inspired collection.

When it comes to the website, Boutin and Broner have developed a dark 3D gallery, with navigation arrows directing the customer to have a walk-through. It easy to realise that the gallery has been robbed, and that all that's left behind are the videos of the models in the act. While this sounds quite innovative, the entire plot has a hidden agenda of giving the customer a more engaging platform to present the collection, rather than just playing the film.

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