Bach in Vogue: Mercedes Revives Maybach


We join the chorus of cheers for the return of the Maybach name, which Mercedes-Benz announced at the 2014 Los Angeles Motor Show recently. Now, Maybach was formerly a full brand that was owned by Mercedes-Benz, in much the same way that BMW owns Rolls-Royce or VW owns Bentley. The name Maybach is back but it is not a full brand but rather just a kind of Mercedes-Benz model, specifically the S-Class model S600. According to published reports thus far, this model is a stretched-out sedan – at 18 feet long it is longer than any other Mercedes model – with mnost of the space dedicated to the rear seats. We think of it in the way that Bulgari continues to use the Gerald Genta and Daniel Roth names, both of which were once full-fledged brands in their own right but have been subsumed by a bigger name. Mercedes-Benz calls this new model the Mercedes-Maybach S600 and it is powered by a 6-liter, 523-bhp V-12 turbocharged engine. Mercedes assures us that the immense roar of this power plant will not be heard from those precious rear seats.

Bach In Vogue Mercedes Revives Maybach 1


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