Bold Masculinity: Boss Bottled Collector's Edition


Available this December, complete your look and usher in the new year in style with the Boss Bottled Collector’s Edition. With its sharp matte black flacon of stylish perfection, the Boss Bottled Collector’s Edition is a must have for confident and driven go-getters of today. Following the new fragrance campaign starring Gerard Butler as the new face of Boss Bottled, the scent features its ever familiar fruity top notes and warming base notes.

The signature scent of successful and stylish men all over the world, Boss Bottled’s legacy continues into the new year, celebrating the Man of Today.  With this in mind, the new Boss Bottled campaign unravels new perspectives on masculinity. Men today are passionate and real; have grit yet refinement; are in touch with emotions, and driven while compassionate. The notion of success has also changed significantly; no longer does traditional, external success define today’s man; instead he creates his own, varied story of success. This redefinition of masculinity blends with the ideals of Boss Bottled.

Bold Masculinity Boss Bottled Collectors Edition 1

Bold Masculinity Boss Bottled Collectors Edition 2

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