Evolution of the Chevrolet Corvette


Introduced to the public at the 1953 Autorama in New York, the Chevrolet Corvette stunned everyone in attendance because up to that point in time, General Motors (GM), which owned the Chevrolet brand, had never produced a sports car.

The massive interest in the Corvette, however, ensured that it was put into production. The initial batch of 300 cars, which were all hand-built, was only available in a single colour – Polo White. To reduce costs, most of the Corvette’s components were shared with Chevrolet saloons and the body was made out of fibre-glass. Unique, too, was the car’s emblem. It has a chequered flag crossed with another that bore the Chevy “bow tie”.

Although it looks sporty, the first-generation Corvette is anything but. Its inline-6, which produces 150bhp, is a lackadaisical performer and its sales reflected this. In 1955, only 700 Corvettes were sold. In contrast, the Ford Thunderbird, which debuted that year, chalked up sales of 14,000 units.

Fast forward to today, the new seventh-generation Corvette Stingray promises to leave competitors in pain, while bringing fans to seventh heaven. As the fastest and most powerful Corvette yet from the Chevy factory, it’s likely to be a winning American idol.

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