Bulletproof: Terradyne GURKHA RPV Tactical Armored Vehicle


Terradyne designs, develops, tests, manufactures and brings to the global marketplace a select range of tactical armoured vehicles, armored SUV`s and special purpose law enforcement vehicles. Terradyne’s first product is the GURKHA, a tactical vehicle in three current configurations; LAPV / MPV / RPV. What caught our eye is the Terradyne GURKHA RPV Tactical Armored Vehicle. The beast of a vehicle is already out in various countries performing a vital role within law enforcement, homeland-security and military defence sectors. As a Terradyne DNA'd product GURKHA is now set to further expand its market presence as an established, trusted and preferred buyer choice.

Built by a hand-picked team of specialist automotive and armoring engineers, the Terradyne GURKHA RPV Tactical Armored Vehicle is based on a ballistic protected Ford F550 commercial truck platform. The opaque armor is constructed of dual wall high hardness steel and comes with a 2 year warranty against delamination. The crew compartment protected against 7.62 x 51 mm armor piercing rounds, with the wall and floor cavity insulated using urethane based foam. The floor, engine bay sides, fuel tank, and ceiling are constructed of single layer armor – optional blast mitigating floor material and seating are also available.

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41 ½” Hutchinson military grade wheels with bead locks are utilized for additional height for ground clearance and blast protection. The Continental MPT 81 tires come with optional run flat tire inserts. The suspension has been upgraded with customized Fox shocks on all 4 corners, with the front end upgraded with coils and steering a damper.

The Terradyne GURKHA RPV Tactical Armored Vehicle seats up to five people. Pop the hood and you will find a massive 6.7 litre V8 turbo diesel engine pushing out 300 hp and 660 lb-ft of torque. A 6 speed automatic transmission comes as a standard with 4x4 shift on the fly and a 4.88 ratio limited slip differential. The 40 gallon fuel tank will ensure that the vehicle won’t prematurely run out of juice.

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