Racing heritage: Formula 1 Exhaust Lamp


Racing Gold specializes in manufacturing furniture and practical design objects that contain parts from the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula 1 cars. The geniuses at Racing Gold have now created a remarkable piece – an F1 Exhaust Lamp. The Lamp effortlessly mirrors the most desirable aspects of a championship winning Formula 1 car; it is sleek, smooth, aerodynamically refined and the design echoes the 340mph speed the exhaust drove in its original incarnation.

Potential buyers interested in purchasing the F1 Exhaust Lamp can choose from a race winning exhaust driven by either Mark Webber or Sebastian Vettel from the Infiniti Red Bull Racing teams’ consecutive 4 year Constructor Winning campaign. Customers will also receive a framed certificate detailing the exhausts’ history, naming the driver, circuit and amount of kilometres covered, before being signed by Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s Christian Horner and Adrian Newey.

The sculpture inspired F1 Exhaust Lamp uses a hand-polished Inconel exhaust system as its feature with unique F1 components as Lamp holders. The remote control system supplied allows the owner to control the power to the LED Lamps in a “fly by wire” style similar to the system used by the driver - it used to glow hot as it expelled engine fumes on different tracks across the globe – the Lamp design conveys both the power and the adrenalin of the race.

The striking and distinctive F1 Exhaust Lamp can be delivered to its new home or collected from the Infiniti Red Bull Racing factory after having a guided tour of the experience that money simply cannot buy.

Racing Heritage Formula 1 Exhaust Lamp 1

Racing Heritage Formula 1 Exhaust Lamp 2

Racing Heritage Formula 1 Exhaust Lamp 3

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