Hennessy on board Hermione's maiden voyage to America


In 1997, in Charente-Maritime, the Hermione-Lafayette association set about building an exact replica of the frigate that brought La Fayette to America in 1780, scrupulously following the same techniques and tools used during that era. On April 18 last year, this immense sail boat, measuring over 65m in length, with three masts and 2,200sqm of sails, took to the sea with a team of 78 men for a transatlantic voyage. MoëtHennessy and its Cognac Maison Hennessy have the privilege to take part in Hermione's voyage with two 250 litre barrels on board. The cognac shipped is an exceptional blend created to mark the 250th birthday of the Maison, founded in 1765 by Richard Hennessy.

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After the long journey the barrels will be unloaded on the other side of the Atlantic, at Mount Vernon, the historic home of George Washington. These barrels will then be auctioned for the benefit of cultural and charitable associations. Events will be organized by Moët Hennessy to celebrate French-American relations at the Hermione's various ports of call. An official dinner was scheduled on June 9 2015 at Mount Vernon, while another highlight of the Hermione voyage was the cocktail party presided by Christophe Navarre on July 2 in New York.

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MoëtHennessy has supported the Hermione La Fayette association for nearly 10 years as both entities hold many values in common. MoëtHennessy and its 21 prestigious Maisons have in fact been built on respect for tradition and know-how, the passing on of expertise and a daring and pioneering spirit.

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