Sneak Peek: National Gallery Singapore


The Supreme Court building. At the bottom of the stairs there is a time capsule buried under the foundation stone – due to be retrieved in the year 3000

The National Gallery in Singapore comprises two national monuments – City Hall and the former Supreme Court. Built between 1926 and 1929, City Hall has witnessed many critical moments in Singapore’s history, including the surrender of Japanese forces to the Allied forces, and the inauguration of Lee Kuan Yew as Singapore’s first Prime Minister. Here's what Female saw on its preview tour.

The original Neo-classical look was kept, but the original rubber tiles on the floor were all replicated, and replaced with marble. The architect for the project is French company Studio Milou.

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National Gallery Singapore 1

The new sixth floor on the Supreme Court Terrace was built to match the height of the Gallery

National Gallery Singapore 2

The aluminium slats replicates the leaves and branches of trees; the dappled shadows it casts is a nod to Singapore’s tropical woods

National Gallery Singapore 3

The stairs to the gallery starts from what used to be the basement parking lot. So you are in effect walking up to second floor windows (but which are now entrance doors) of The Chamber – the grandest room in the entire building

National Gallery Singapore 4

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