Olfactory Mythology: Aqua Divina by Bulgari


Bulgari looked to mythology for its Aqua line of fragrances. The second inspiration was water – but not in an insipid way. Instead, Bulgari visited the powerful, energetic Mediterranean. The Aqua line began in 2004 with Aqua Pour Homme. Other fragrances were launched – marine versions and limited editions. Then, in 2014, came an all-new men’s scent, Aqua Amara. The advertising campaign showcased both Aqua Pour Homme and Aqua Amara, and starred model Jon Kortajarena – bronzed, straight out of ancient Greece, diving into the sea to discover a bottle of scent.

With that campaign, the brand made more overt references to Greek myth, creating a stronger image of the athletic, strong and virile Adonis, unabashedly masculine. How do you translate that for a woman? Perfumer Alberto Morillas (of Kenzo Flower fame) went back to the sea and the myths, by way of Renaissance Italy, and created Aqua Divina.

The fragrance (above) opens with a salty bergamot and pink ginger note, more sweet than spicy, floral and clean. Quickly, it evolves with a fruity note, softened by quince, settling into a warm, sensual floral perfume. One might expect lightness and freshness from a scent named Aqua, but this is substantial, grown-up, and extremely feminine. The bottle continues the Greco-Roman, aquatic theme – flat and white, like the scallop shell from which Botticelli’s Venus emerged.

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Aqua Divina By Bulgari 4

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