Lladro's porcelein legacy


Ladies perched on swings; cherubs in sweet repose. For figurines, so far, so expected. But Spanish luxury porcelain brand Lladro hasn’t flourished these past 62 years on traditional pieces alone. Its boutique in Paragon, Singapore, sports bright splashes of color that inject pizzazz into the store’s pastel palette. The inspiration is a pair of ceramic dolls decked out in jumpsuits decorated with geometric confetti. They are British fashion designer Paul Smith’s interpretation of The Guest, Lladro’s series of figurines that showcases the styles of contemporary designers like Spaniard Jaime Hayon and Tokyo’s Devilrobots.

The collaborations have produced edgy colors and motifs that wouldn’t be out of place in a graphic novel. Skulls and naked fairy images have appeared on the figures, for example. They are a far cry from Lladro’s more traditional Queen of the Nile, a 382-part sculpture that was snapped up in Singapore for S$340,000.

The family-owned company grew from a workshop of 20 staff into a global player with over 1,000 employees and stores spanning Asia, Europe, Oceania, North and South America, and Africa. Lladro pieces are given by the Spanish royal family as state gifts. They are customers, too – of romantic pieces depicting ballerinas and cupids – along with Queen Elizabeth II and former US presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

The Lladro story began in 1953, when brothers Jose, Vicente and Juan Lladro started experimenting with porcelain figurines, using a Moorish furnace in their home in Almassera. They set up their business in the neighbouring municipality of Tavernes Blanques, when the tile factory where they worked relocated to Madrid. Their porcelain enterprise thrived and, in little more than a decade, they set up three stores in the city of Valencia and grew their presence in the US and Canada. In 1969, they established City of Porcelain.

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Lladros Porcelein Legacy 1

Paul Smith adds his signature bright colors to Lladro’s palette

Lladros Porcelein Legacy 2

Close-up of the 382-part Queen of the Nile


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