Cool Optical Illusions at ION Orchard's Opera Gallery


This isn’t a conventional art exhibition in any sense. You won’t find straight-laced traditional watercolors, oils or charcoal drawings here – the artworks currently on display in Opera Gallery’s latest show, Cutting Edge, are compositions made mostly of LED lights, lenticular prints and slyly placed mirrors.

What’s a lenticular print, you ask. It’s a technique that combines a few images to create the effect of a moving picture. As you walk towards a lenticular art piece or change your viewing angle, the images appear to move and meld together. It’s a technique frequently used by two of the artists featured in this exhibition – Korean artist Bae Joon Sung and Italian artist Umberto Ciceri.

French artist Noart chooses to play with light and mirrors instead. The witty piece below, Gold Escape, is a safe that opens to reveal rows and rows of gold bars stretching into infinity – an effect the artist achieves with clever mirror placement and LED lights.

The optical-illusion nature of these pieces means you really have to see them live to appreciate them fully.

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Cool Optical Illusions Ion Orchard Opera Gallery 1

Cool Optical Illusions Ion Orchard Opera Gallery 2

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