Gucci unveils new window display at Paragon, Singapore


In case you aren’t aware, Alessandro Michele’s first Fall Winter 2015 collection for Gucci is already in stores. Since assuming the role of creative director in January, Michele’s creations, like the fur-clad slippers that are a hit with the fashion crowd, have stormed their way into many a wishlist. Gucci has recently unveiled its coolest store window design yet, in Singapore.

Turquoise and purple LED lights form a zany backdrop to a giant embroidered swallow or bee (a motif that runs throughout Michele’s pieces this season) hovering in mid-air with a Dionysus handbag in its grasp, while a carpet of flowers below it display footwear or jewelry. Other display windows feature a large embroidered snake slithering across the floor where ready-to-wear is shown on rotating rails.

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Gucci Unveils New Window Display Paragon Singapore 1

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