Namiki's Limited Edition Kabuto Marks the Epitome of Artisanal Craft


Namiki, a leader in Maki-e (Japanese lacquer art) fountain pens, has released its latest gem, the artisanal Namiki Limited Edition Kabuto. Each Namiki Limited Edition Kabuto is exquisite decorated by the skilled artisan Michifumi Kawaguchi and only 170 pieces will be made available worldwide. Taking centrestage on Kawaguchi’s design are the Kabuto (helmet) and Tachi (sword) which are essential elements of Samurai armour. The significance of Kabuto and Tachi in the Japanese culture dates back to the Edo Period in the early 17th century.

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Today, the Kabuto and Tachi are honored on May 5th during the Japanese festival Tengo no Sekku (the Boys’ Festival). The Kabuto has come to signify protection from road accidents and illness, while the Tachi incorporates the wish for the boys to grow into valiant young men. Thus, the Namiki Limited Edition Kabuto has been produced with dedicated elegance to commemorate the significance of the Tengo no Sekku festival and carries the wish for its owner to enjoy good health and greater success.

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The body of the pen is created with a combination of refined and sophisticated techniques such as Taka Maki-e (Raised Maki-e), Togidashi-Taka Maki-e (Burnished-Raised Maki-e), and Hira Maki-e (Flat Maki-e). The Kabuto (war helmet) is made using Taka Maki-e while the Tachi (sword) is depicted using the Hira Maki-e technique. The dome of the helmet is inlaid with the elegant lustre of Raden (mother-of-pearl). Utilising the Hira Maki-e technique, the waterside sweet flag carries over from the barrel to the cap, contrasting gracefully against the Kabuto (helmet) and Tachi (sword). To complete the magnificent artwork, the motif is imbued with vibrancy by the use of Togidashi Maki-e (Burnished Maki-e) and gold powder in the background.

To top it off with grandeur, a precision 18K gold nib with rhodium accents and piston ink delivery system ensures peerless writing quality and long-lasting performance. Like the magnificent Namiki Limited Edition Kabuto, the pen is exquisitely packaged in a lavish specially handcrafted Japanese Paulownia gift box and comes with a matching limited edition ink bottle. The Namiki Limited Edition Kabuto is available at authorised retailers and distributors.

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