Pilot Sterling Silver Panda and Komodo Dragon


Pilot heralds the arrival of its new dynamic duo – the Sterling Silver Panda and Komodo Dragon. The latest fountain pens by Pilot feature stylish integrated nibs, offering the perfect fusion of a sleek modern design with traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

With the Panda symbolising gentle strength and the Komodo Dragon stealthy agility, these two majestic animals are delicately etched onto the fountain pen and brought to life in vivid detail on the pens’ polished silver sterling bodies with exquisite Japanese artisanship.

The pens’ caps are also etched, completing the picturesque designs, with the adorable Panda sitting in front of a mountain range and the stoic Komodo Dragon strolling in front of a tree.

Like all Pilot pens, which are unreservedly recommended by many fountain pen connoisseurs, the Panda and Komodo Dragon come with superb-quality Japanese nibs, and are guaranteed to deliver supreme quality, smooth-flowing ink, and long-lasting performance.

Pilot Sterling Silver Panda And Komodo Dragon 2Pilot Sterling Silver Panda And Komodo Dragon 3


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