Quicker than quick: Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce


Superveloce (SV) simply means high speed, although Lamborghini insists it means extreme speed. Either way, it sounds better in Italian. If you think the regular Aventador already looks hot, then the SV variant will sear your retinas from a hundred paces. The huge rear wing, redesigned front nose, plus longer and deeper spoilers and splitters are guaranteed to rock your world. That rear wing can be manually adjusted to one of three different positions to suit a driving style or particular circuit, trading downforce for reduced drag or vice versa.

The devil’s office is all decked out in black upholstery and flame-red accents (or another matching color of the buyer’s choice) to complement the exterior finish. It is also the first cabin to receive a new upholstery dubbed Carbon Skin, which is a composite of woven carbon fibre and a special resin that’s tough yet soft to the touch. It clads certain areas of the cockpit, such as the headlining.

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Much of the Superveloce’s interior architecture is straight from the Aventador, but the carbon fibre sports bucket seats are new. They also save weight, as does the deliberate removal of sound insulation, which has made the carbon fibre chassis visible. Lamborghini even deleted the entire infotainment system to save weight, but it can be “put back” as a no-cost factory option. If the whole cabin comes across as spartan and nearly severe, it was all done for the sake of saving weight. Lamborghini thought long and hard about giving the instrument panel LCD a few user-selectable graphics, but decided that it needs to be just that one showing the engine revs and gear number in the boldest possible manner, with the car’s speed relegated to a small speck at the lower corner of the screen.

The naturally aspirated V12 has been remapped to take advantage of the lower exhaust backpressure, thereby allowing the peak engine speed to increase to 8500rpm and the peak power of 750bhp to be liberated at 8400rpm instead of the Aventador’s 700bhp at 8250rpm. At full chat, it wails like a naturally aspirated Formula One racecar. Here is how it reads: zero to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds, zero to 200km/h in 8.6, zero to 300km/h in 24, top speed in excess of 350km/h and Nordschliefe in 6 minutes, 59.73 seconds. This is devastatingly fast in anybody’s books.

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