Ferrari Icons Exhibition at National Design Centre, Singapore

From November 30 to December 3, Singapore will see its first exhibition of Ferrari Icons. Each representing a special journey of Ferrari Design, four iconic models will be exhibited at the National Design Centre; the Ferrari F40, 599 GTO, LaFerrari and the 50th Anniversary Tailor Made F12berlinetta (a piece-unique to Singapore).

A special lecture on Ferrari design will be conducted during the exhibition on 1st December. The lecture will be open to the public. For more details and how to register for the lecture, please refer to the National Design Center website,


Ferrari Icons Exhibition National Design Centre Singapore 2

Debuting in 1987, the F40 was conceived in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Ferrari. With its striking Pininfarina designed body; it was raw and mean, a car that looked like a racing model, but completely road legal, and an instant favorite among enthusiasts. The F40 remains remarkable in Ferrari history as its debut was the last presided over by the late Enzo Ferrari before his death in 1988.

599 GTO

Ferrari Icons Exhibition National Design Centre Singapore 3

The 599 GTO is one of the most extreme road cars ever built by Ferrari. With an innovative approach to chassis development, the designers were able to ensure the seamless integration of race-bred handling and performance in a road car envelope. The car also features a second generation magnetorheological suspension control system (SCM2), which works in tandem with the Vehicle Dynamic Control and F1-Trac traction control, resulting in a superlative track driving experience on the road.


Ferrari Icons Exhibition National Design Centre Singapore 4

The conceptualization of the LaFerrari represents Ferrari’s enduring ambition to continually push the boundaries of technology. For a road car, LaFerrari is Ferrari’s most ambitious production in that it amalgamates both GT and Formula 1 engineering – its concept car looks indicative of the future of Ferrari styling under Design Head Flavio Manzoni.

F12berlinetta SG50

Ferrari Icons Exhibition National Design Centre Singapore 5

Paying homage to Singapore’s accomplishments since independence, the 50th Anniversary F12berlinetta is a piece-unique model styled by Ferrari’s Tailor Made department using elements from framed Singapore iconography. The F12berlinetta is the most powerful Ferrari in the current product range, boasting a new generation of 12-cylinder engines. Finished in a unique shade of metallic red dubbed Rosso Singapore with racing stripes in Singapore colours, it marks a true milestone in Singapore’s history and partnership with Ferrari.

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