"100 Years: The Movie You Will Never See" by LOUIS XIII

"100 Years: The Movie You Will Never See" by LOUIS XIII

LOUIS XIII Cognac has made a film that you’ll never get to see. Called “100 Years: The Movie You Will Never See”, it is directed by none other than Robert Rodriguez. The film explores and envisions what life on Earth would be like a hundred years from now. A very fitting question to ponder, taking into account the fact that the film is set to make its official premiere on November 8, 2115, a century from now.

As a man of many talents, John Malkovich not only stars in "100 Years" stars, but also developed its original screenplay. The established actor, French art de vivre enthusiast and thought-provoking virtuoso, is the perfect mastermind to create this artistic masterpiece for LOUIS XIII, as he mirrors its rich heritage and legacy.

"When I was first approached I really loved the idea... I mean, in a way I wish all the films I made wouldn't have been seen for a hundred years. I don't know how much that would change the way they are regarded...” said John Malkovich.

The movie is inspired by the fact that it takes no less than 100 years to create LOUIS XIII. It takes four generations of cellar masters to create one decanter of LOUIS XIII. Seeing as how the entire process, from start to finish, takes 100 years, these cellar masters of LOUIS XIII will never get to experience the results of their work or enjoy the fruits of their labour. Similarly the cast and crew of “100 Years” will never get to see the final cut of the film.

Knowing that we will not be able to see the movie in our lifetime does add a considerable amount of curiosity that complements the mystique of "100 Years".  To be able to view the film right now would be the ultimate privilege. This is a luxury that LOUIS XIII has gifted to our future generations. To ensure that 100 Years remains secure for nothing short of a century and last the passage of time, the film is housed in a state-of-the-art safe built by Fichet-Bauche.

The safe will automatically open, regardless of access to a power source when the 100-year timing is complete. One thousand lucky people from around the world have received an exclusive invitation to give to their future descendants to attend the premiere of ‘100 Years’, on November 18, 2115, at the House of LOUIS XIII in Cognac, France. You can view the exclusive trailer and three teasers below.

100 Years Louis Xiii 1




Teaser: Nature


Teaser: Ultra Urbanization


Teaser: Retro Future

100 Years Louis Xiii 3


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