G.H.Mumm Launches World's First Connected Champagne Bottle

Maison Mumm has a rich history of innovation both in the creation of its first class champagne and by partnering with pioneers that dare to push the limits in the quest for excellence and victory. In continuing with this illustrious tradition, Mumm is introducing its latest innovation, the connected Magnum.

The Mumm connected Magnum is inspired by the thrill and emotion of the world’s most recognised moment of celebration, the Formula One podium moment, which Mumm has been at the heart of since 2000. The moment the cork is popped from the connected Magnum it will activate an interactive sound and visual spectacle unlike any other. The bottle’s striking platinum veneer, a visual masterpiece designed by world-renowned DJ and music producer David Guetta, will complement this experience.

For the launch in Singapore, Mumm will present Spark, Ignite Celebration, starting December 18 at TRACE, to invite local partygoers to a whole new experience. The innovative audio-visual atmosphere that TRACE offers matches the revolutionary technology that drives the Mumm connected Magnum, fully immersing partygoers in the Mumm connected experience.

“We are excited to launch the Mumm connected Magnum in Singapore and bring a new and unique party experience to partygoers here. Together with TRACE, which also works with innovative audio and visual technology, the parties will truly be an unforgettable experience not to be missed,” says Kyung Min, Marketing Director, Pernod Ricard Singapore.


G H Mumm World First Connected Champagne Bottle 1

G H Mumm World First Connected Champagne Bottle 2

G H Mumm World First Connected Champagne Bottle 3


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