Highland Park Valhalla Collection's Odin, The Perfect Drink For American God's Mr. Wednesday


If you're a fan of fine Scottish whisky, and Mr. Wednesday from the television adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novel "American Gods", you will most definitely appreciate Highland Park's Odin from its Valhalla Collection. Just like how Mr. Wednesday from American Gods has an undeniable charm and an alluring charisma, the Valhalla Collection's Odin's golden liquid sits in a distinctive award-winning wooden frame – in a bottle that is dark and deliberately scarred to reflect the god’s battles – the perfect rendition of a deity of such class, authority and valour.

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Following Loki, Thor and Freya, it makes sense for Highland Park to culminate to its zenith for its legendary Valhalla Collection with the wisest, most connected and most powerful of the Norse gods, Odin. Smelling of heather-honey aromas with hints of peaty smokiness, the complex addition brims with Spanish notes layered with fruits, chocolates and spices in a rounded smoky sweetness and full malt delivery.

In mythology, Odin is a battle hardened and wise god that everyone respects.The Valhalla Collection started with Thor, who thanks to the movies, is currently the most well-known. Then came Loki, followed by Highland Park's first ever Bourbon cask, Freya, who was equally as powerful.

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Beginning in 2012, The Valhalla Collection has been revealing an unknown side of Orkney, the home of The Highland Park: namely, its deep Viking roots and Nordic heritage. Though now an extension of Scotland, Orkney had been under Scandinavian rule in the 9th century, when the Vikings deemed it a strategic location for further expansion into Scotland and Ireland. Thus the introduction of the old gods in the collection.

Just like the explosion of flavours The Valhalla Collection's Odin promises, Orkney has so many stories to tell: standing stones, World Wars, castles, distilleries etc. Even for markets that are not used to the smokiness Highland Park whiskies are famous for, the unique notes in Odin complements the spices as well as savoury and umami flavours prominent in Asian cuisine.

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