Wine glasses affect your fine wine experiences

Wine glasses affect your fine wine experiences

When it comes to fine wines, it is never about quantity, but quality. But how do you heighten the experience if you are already sipping the finest? To that end, plenty of wine glass makers have dedicated many research and development hours to help consumers get the most enjoyment out of a glass of wine. However, this also means that surveying the large variety of stemware sometimes appears as challenging as looking for the perfect wine.

In an attempt to simplify things, Australian wine glass maker Plumm has designed a five-glass system. Launched in 2009 and recently brought into Singapore exclusively by The Straits Wine Company, the range designed by a Melbourne-based team is the result of two years’ extensive consultation with winemakers, Masters of Wine and wine journalists across the globe. The final outcome is a suite of five basic glass shapes with a sufficiently large enough bowl to swirl and sniff wines, so that maximum aromas can be enjoyed. On sipping, the wine is delivered to the correct part of the mouth so that textures and flavors are enhanced, ensuring maximum enjoyment. As with other appropriate stemware, the glass is clear, uncolored and unfettered by elaborate crystal cuts or designs.

Commenting on the uncomplicated range, which does not require the wine drinker to pull out a different glass for just about every varietal of wine, the brand ambassador for the Plumm range of stemware, Matt Skinner, brand ambassador for Plumm says: “With so many choices (in the market), I’m not sure if there has ever been a greater need for a practical and affordable range of glasses.” He is a seasoned sommelier, writer and consultant who moved to the UK in 2001 at the request of Chef Jamie Oliver to help set up the Fifteen group of restaurants.

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