3 Luxury Experiences for Pets in Singapore

We are sure that you have read your fair share of articles about how pets in Europe and the U.S. are living the high-life. Like these high fashion pooches and these cats that lounge around all day in their very own cat café in New York. However, there has been little buzz about these fuzzballs being given the VIP treatment in amidst the metropolitan hustle and bustle of Singapore.

Here are three luxury experiences for pets in Singapore that you didn’t know about:

3 Luxury Experience Pets Singapore 2

Gourmet Pampering

Founded by former lawyer Ong Luyi, Wagging Rights day-care centre provides wholesome gourmet food for dogs. Meals are prepared with fresh fruit and vegetables like blueberries, pumpkin and Chinese cabbage, with a side of protein like beef or chicken that can be served raw, depending on a dog’s diet.

3 Luxury Experience Pets Singapore 3

Pets’ Spa

Treatments at Petopia include a micro-bubble bath that eliminates body odours and clay body wraps used with infrared machines from Japan for a deep skin and coat cleanse. The centre also offers massages and aromatherapy to soothe pets displaying signs of ageing or depression.

3 Luxury Experience Pets Singapore 4

Nautical Fun

Pet Cruise is a service launched by boat owner Joe Howe where dogs get life jackets aboard a 7.8m-long catamaran, so they can enjoy a swim in the open sea while their owners sail to a nearby island for the day.

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