360 Degrees of Bulletproof Style


Looking dapper while staying alive no longer needs to be an insufferable dilemma. With the new Bulletproof Suit by Garrison Bespoke, you can be stylish without the discomfort of having a bulky bulletproof vest beneath your suit, chafing against your skin. The best part? The entire suit functions as your shield, with the fabric's nanotubes hardening to guard against penetrating force. Nanotechnology allows for the same carbon nanotubes designed for US troops' uniforms in Iraq while achieving a fifty percent difference in weight when compared with Kevlar, the traditional material for bulletproof gear. Travel in ease, style and confidence with Garrison’s Bespoke bulletproof suit which promises modern style, lightweight comfort and the highest level of safety.

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If that’s not enough, Force Training Institute has developed a lightweight bulletproof shield that doubles up as a laptop bag. At just 8lbs, the shield extends to 3 feet of protection with just a quick wrist flick, and guards against most handguns, shotguns and pistol caliber sub-machines. To guard against high-powered rifles, a Level III insert plate is sold separately.

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