Modified Lamborghini Gallardo

It takes a brave man to fiddle with the Gallardo’s looks; it’s already fantastic as it is, with its sleek, hot knife-through-butter profile. However, when this particular owner chanced upon the Hamann catalogue, he was hooked. German exotic car tuner Hamann have waved their magic wand on BMWs, Minis, the odd Porsche and, yes, Lamborghinis. The most prominent feature in this build is the wide-body conversion. Courtesy of a new front bumper, side sills and the all-important “bulging” fender extensions, the once smooth side profiles are rudely awakened.

The job of filling up the wide arches fall on a new set of Hamann Edition Race alloy wheels with specific offsets to complement the kit – 20 inches in diameter and measuring an impressive 9.5 inches wide up front, and a tarmac-hugging 13 inches at the back. These wheels feature a black finish, which matches the exterior color of the car right down to a T. Elsewhere, the other look-faster bits include the front spoiler and adjustable cup racing-spoiler lip, rear bumper and diffuser, and the four-part rear wing at the back, which works with the diffuser to increase downforce.

The most prominent modification on the car has to be the door conversions. The Gallardo’s doors open like any normal car. Instead of putting on the upward swinging door to mimic the V12 Murcielago, this Gallardo receives a cool “swan door” conversion. Performance-wise, the smoking 5-litre V10 residing in the rear is subtly souped up, with a carbon fibre GruppeM ram air system, Brisk spark plugs and a QuickSilver SuperSports titanium exhaust system that ends off with Hamann exhaust tips.

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Modified Lamborghini Gallardo 1

Modified Lamborghini Gallardo 2

Modified Lamborghini Gallardo 3


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