Montegrappa Dali­ Geopoliticus Child

Following the warmly-received Salvador Dalí pens commemorating the Spanish surrealist’s 1944 work, Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening, and the second, the Surrealista, inspired by the 1938 masterpiece, Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach, Montegrappa presents the third pen in the series inspired by Dalí’s, Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man. This remarkable painting, oil on canvas, was produced in 1943.

The collection consists of a fountain pen and a rollerball pen, in lush green resin and trimmed with either Sterling Silver or 18K Gold trim. The personalised nib is fashioned in 18K Gold. The cap top bears the Dalí signature, but the clip is the heart of the design of the pen: its form bears the central feature of the artist’s masterpiece. The pen has been issued in a limited edition consisting of 333 fountain pens and 333 rollerballs with Sterling Silver trim, and 18 rollerballs and 20 fountain pens with solid 18K Gold trim, representing the size of the actual artwork of 18 x 20 1/2in.

Geopoliticus Child reflected the newfound importance America held for the world and for Dalí. The man breaking from the egg emerges out of the “new” nation, America, signalling a global transformation. An androgynous older figure stands in the foreground and points to the emerging man, acknowledging the birth of this global transformation. The cowering child with its long shadow – the “Geopoliticus Child” of the title – represents this new age.

Montegrappa’s association with the works of Salvador Dalí has been supervised and licensed by the Foundation Gala Salvador Dalí, the cultural institution created by Salvador Dalí himself in 1983. The Fundaciou0301 runs the Daliu0301 Theatre-Museum in Figueres, which presents the most comprehensive collection of the artist’s work, the Gala Dalí Castle-Museum in Pubol and the Salvador Dali house in Port Lligat, Cadaqués.

Montegrappa Dali Geopoliticus Child 1

Montegrappa Dali Geopoliticus Child 2

Montegrappa Dali Geopoliticus Child 3

Montegrappa Dali Geopoliticus Child 4


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