RISIS welcomes the Lunar New year with Zodiac Monkey Collection

The Lunar New Year heralds a season of new beginnings and golden opportunities. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, RISIS introduces its 2016 Zodiac Collection — a collection of five sculptures that pays homage to the astute monkey, the ninth animal in the celestial race. A symbol of resilience and quick-wittedness, the monkey’s resourcefulness and keen intellect equips it with the ability to conquer any obstacles it may face, and to grow and prosper even in the face of adversity.

To capture the exceptional qualities of the monkey, RISIS’ craftsmen drew inspiration from the primate’s more pensive characteristics, meticulously crafting these details by hand. Their commitment towards unparalleled quality ensures every detail is captured, from the nuanced expression of each sculpture, to the minute etchings that depict the fine strands of fur on this impressive animal. Each sculpture is then encapsulated in the finest 24K gold, resulting in a precious objet d’art to be treasured for generations.

Risis Lunar New Year Zodiac Monkey 1

SERENITY (Limited Edition), S$11,800

Available in a limited edition of 3 pieces (2 have been sold already) worldwide, Serenity is plated in the finest 24K gold and comes with a crystal clear Liu Li mountain, each side featuring intricate carvings that illustrate the four seasons – evergreen pine trees welcoming Spring, bamboo standing tall in Summer, a noble osmanthus flower blooming in Autumn, and resilient plum blossoms unfolding in Winter. In the monkey’s hands, a lotus in pure silver, set with dazzling sapphires – a perfect symbol of purity, growth and a profound transformation from within.

Risis Lunar New Year Zodiac Monkey 2

FOREST & DAWN (Limited Edition), S$5,900

In its hands lie a polished apple, which sounds like “peace” in the Chinese language, representing harmony and calm in the New Year. Plated in the finest 24K gold, Forest comes with a green tinged Liu Li mountain while Dawn comes with an amber tinged Liu Li mountain, each limited to 99 numbered pieces worldwide.

Risis Lunar New Year Zodiac Monkey 4


Engraved on the beautifully crafted chestnut are wishes of good luck, with a Chinese character done in the style of renowned Tang calligrapher Huai Su as a tribute to the iconic cursive script that evokes the poeticism of Chinese art.

Risis Lunar New Year Zodiac Monkey 3


Energetic, hopeful and full of potential, Optimism perfectly captures these bounties of youth, the young sprout a symbol of a new life full of potential and possibilities.

Risis Lunar New Year Zodiac Monkey 5


Plated in the finest 24K gold, Influence doubles up as an exquisite name card holder as well as a charming paperweight, a perfect addition to one’s home or one’s office.

Risis Lunar New Year Zodiac Monkey 6


With one hand clasping a money bag and ingot, Prudence Monkey works towards turning its richest dreams into reality through its boundless energy and bright intellect.

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