Sail through the skies in Skyacht One

Imagine a Yacht that can fly. Skyacht One (upwards of US$80 million) soars with its hand painted "trompe l'oeil" mahogany "hull" and towering vertical stabilizer. Close up, each "plank" accents the polished metals in a riot of underbelly detail – classic joinery meets pearl white elegance. Skyacht One is based Embraer's Flagship Lineage 1000E aircraft; which we hear, is on the most technologically advanced aircrafts available today.

Skyacht One 1

Innovative luxury permeates every detail in the cabin. The first impression is no exception. A planetary Clock lies embedded in a marquetry mural inspired by the 15th Century Ducal Palace's Studiolo of Italy. The rug is Fornasetti, and the Galley is appointed to evoke the portable luxury of the British Campaign style. Custom hardware sets off the personalized embossed leather. On closer inspection, the bulkhead walls are planked and pegged as on a Yacht. Nautically inspired SkyPorts run the length of the ship. Meanwhile, the Intelligent cabin lighting samples the view and changes color to compliment the time of day. Adjustable and focusable track lighting runs along the ships mahogany beam structure, so you can have a light anywhere you want to be.

Skyacht One 2

Design elements in the Skyacht One revisited things you touch and made them intuitive, beautiful and classically textural with bejewelled controls from engraved brass, gold, silver and platinum. When you reach out in the dark to turn a light on, there is still nothing better than the feeling of a fine knob or lever. They just work.  From the brass inlaid window bezels, each with mahogany surround and panelling, to the adjustable vintage styled leather sunshades, the skies never looked better.

Skyacht One 3

The main cabin is expansive with a Chesterfield Sofa and Cocktail Bar for watching television or surfing the net. Seating is lavish, flanked by inlaid panelling and window "portholes" lined in brass, nickel and mahogany. Platinum Controls are bejewelled and simply operated. Shagreen "Stingray" skin lines the valances and tabletops, while Skyacht's ribbed structure of inlaid brass and wood span the cabin with adjustable lighting. Navigation is the theme of Skyacht One as following the stars led both ships and planes. The story is told in the Astrolabes, Armillary spheres, Charts and many fine details that are embedded throughout. From the handmade brass and marquetry Clock inspired by the 15th Century Ducal Palace Studiolo, to Piero Fornasetti's gold plated "Astrolabio" China that gleams over dinner.

Skyacht One 4

The Master Suite or “Captain's Quarters” is intimate, fiercely romantic and lined in padded suede, underscored by book-matched Macassar walls and panelled ceiling. Authentic detail abounds. 14th Century Star maps are the inspiration for the silk Cellarius Carpeting, while Skyacht's signature Armillary Sphere is softly inlaid on the secret sliding door. Reading lights adjust up and down the ship's trusses, while a flat screen TV faces opposite.

Skyacht One 5

Skyacht One's Master Bath is second to none. It features a bejewelled "throttle" inspired faucet with a lit gauge that controls temperature over a walnut and gold sink. Edge lit bronze mirror softly bathes the space while adjustable spotlighting tasks the working areas in addition to a brass framed window. The walls are lined with matte finished teak and mahogany, held tightly by brass fittings. Contrasting the woodgrain, green Malachite countertops and Shower lend a deep elegance. Vintage Fornasetti Accessories accent the platinum Skyacht hardware.


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