Why Scotch Is Not Going Anywhere

“The Nose”, his peers call him. He wears the name with pride, and names his Twitter account after it. High on the pate, Richard Paterson parts his hair to the left. His moustache is as neat. Appearances matter and he is always dressed for the occasion, in a two-piece suit with a matching pocket square and tie.

The 64-year-old Scot is easily mistaken as the chairman of the board. Except he is not. His is the world of art, a craftsman creating expressions of whiskies.

Paterson has been Whyte & Mackay’s master distiller and blender for more than forty years. As the custodian of The Dalmore single malt distillery, bastion of many of Scotland’s oldest and rarest whiskies, Paterson is instead most acclaimed for sniffing out when whisky stocks are ready to roll out. It is an art passed down two generations, from grandfather and dad. The ability to tell when a whisky gives off the right scent makes the difference between a great Scotch and an exceptional one. Insured for £1.5 million (S$3.2 million), his nostrils usually hit the right notes.

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