404.2 Carat Diamond Breaks Record

Photos: Lucapa

Australian diamond mining company Lucapa Diamond Company is likely jet set for a triumphant weekend, seeing that it is now the proud owner of the 27th largest diamond in the world.

The virtually flawless stone measures over 7 cm long, and weighs a remarkable 404.2 carats. The diamond joins 1-2% percent of the world’s diamonds with a Type 11a rating, the second highest possible rating for diamonds. Diamonds with these rating have the highest thermal conductivity, are almost or entirely pure and are usually colorless. This particular gem has been confirmed as a D color, which is the most colorless from a scale of D – Z.

The newly discovered diamond trumps the Angola star, previously the largest Angola diamond, by almost two times its weight. The previous diamond weighed 217.4 carats, and though astounding by its own right, is a far cry from this new record breaker.

Lucapa Diamond Company has estimated the new diamond’s worth at over $20 million, though a diamond this large would likely observe a different guideline from the smaller ones.

Lucapa reportedly plans to sell the diamonds to fund plans for further exploration and expansion at the Angola diamond mine, because who knows? These might not even the biggest find at the mine yet.


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