Dive to new depths at Alila Manggis with its holistic dive experience


Located along Bali’s east coast, Alila Manggis is an ideal base for exploring the region’s many wonderful dive sites. Guests can combine their holiday at the resort with a holistic dive experience catering to all levels of skill. You can combine your relaxing seaside stay with expert dive consultation and open-water dives led by Zen Harmony Diving, as well as spa and dining privileges.

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Many visitors arrive in Bali tired from travel, and their minds and bodies stressed from long hours spent in the office. Zen Harmony Diving believes that pre-dive preparation is key to a safer and more enjoyable dive, not only reducing the risks of muscle strain by cramping and injury, which tend to be common, but also providing mental preparation. The first step is a pre-dive consultation carried out by skilled diving instructors to assess each guest’s health and fitness, and find their centres. This involves learning breathing techniques that help the diver to improve air consumption, become a buoyancy master, and be more calm and comfortable underwater.

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Divers are also given a Yoga Nidra audio file to listen to at night, before open water dives, designed to further improve breath awareness and control, and to train the mind and body to anticipate and relax. Other integral components of the Zen Harmony Diving approach include rejuvenating massages, meditation, yoga and Zentsu. Conducted in the swimming pool, Zentsu is specially designed to release all tensions in the body that might prevent divers and snorkelers from totally immersing themselves in the underwater world.

With calm minds and bodies, relaxed and prepared, divers can then look forward to exercising their scuba skills with fun dives at a various sites off Bali’s east coast, including Gili Mimpang, Nusa Penida and Manta Point, teeming with marine life and coral reefs. Guests can also take the opportunity to learn more about or get involved in the resort’s coral conservation programme. When not in the water, there are no shortage of options to unwind at Alila Manggis, from relaxing with afternoon tea by the pool, to pampering treatments at Spa Alila and savouring signature East Bali flavors at Seasalt restaurant.

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