Foil Oro-Nero Is A Touch Of Class


Photos: Foil Skis

Ostentatious? Maybe. Extravagant? A little bit. But you have to admit –the Oro-Nero is a tasteful work of art. In a perfect melding of luxury and “High Performance Art”, a work of beauty is born. The Oro-Nero skis by Foil, which is Italian for “Black Gold”, epitomizes the brand’s belief in “No Limits”.

True enough, in a stunning display of black and gold, the Oro-Nero is made with no limits. 8000-year-old certified Bog Oak adds a touch of refinement, complete with 14 karat gold plated bindings, poles and inlays which elevate the humble skis into star-studded glamor. These limited edition skis will set you back by a whopping $50,000, and are customized specially for each client for the ultimate personal experience, including nickel plated bindings, bespoke foil poles and personalized initials. The gorgeously lavish skis also feature a graphite race nano tech base, quadriaxial carbon stripes, Ash/Paulownia woodcore, Bamboo sidewalls, stainless steel edges and Titanal plates.


Foil skis are all about “the effortless, elegant movement of an object across any surface.” Born of Northern Italy with Alessandro Marchi's pursuit of "perfection on snow", the very first Foil skis were a modest experiment from years of dedication, doubted by even the best. Former World Champion skier Klaus found the original prototype light and "quiet", but decided to give the skis a chance.

He never looked back since. 40 years of pro-skiing weren’t enough to prepare him for the effortlessness and elegance from the Foil skis. Since then Marchi has dedicated his craft to cultivate authentic Italian craftsmanship to snow lovers around the world, creating pieces of magic with beauty, elegance and form, and for the Oro-Nero, a dash of ultimate luxury.

Whether you’re a pro-skier who knows a little something about style, or just someone who likes an extravagant mural on the wall, the Oro-Nero certainly makes for a gorgeous addition to your collection.



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