Accio Heart! Fall In Love With These Leatherbound Harry Potter Books

Photos: Imgur, Torchit

Harry Potter fans, rejoice because a special edition of the popular series is stealing Potter hearts everywhere. The unofficial special edition of the series is a stunning leather bound collection, reworked entirely from the original paperback series, courtesy of Meg Krampf. Krampf, who operates under her pseudonym PeskyCatPapercraft on Etsy, an online marketplace, specializes in custom leather books and journals.

These gorgeous books take you deep into the magical world of Harry Potter, with their stunning old world charm and enchanting look. Featuring an exquisite lambskin over the book board, end pages are customized to fit the theme of each House with respective quotes and spells.

These magical looking books also feature a removable magnetic Hocrux on the front of each volume, for an added touch of magic. Hand stamped aluminum plates indicate the order of the books on the front and side, and in case the books weren’t awesome enough, a different wand is attached to the spine of each book.

The handmade, bespoke item has already been sold in an Ebay auction for US$5100, where proceeds are reportedly going to charity. Don’t be dishearted, however – due to popular demand, PeskyCatPapercraft is currently accepting requests for custom orders. The item ships worldwide from the United States.



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