Lexus’ Hoverboard Is An Actual Hoverboard


Move aside, “Hoverboard”, because the real thing is here. If you’ve always dreamed about hovering across walkways in a futuristic style, now’s your chance. This revolutionary breakthrough lets you “levitate” across like a pro, and looks every bit as cool as it actually is.

“There is no such thing as impossible, it’s just a matter of figuring out how,” said Haruhiko Tanahashi, Lexus Chief Engineer.

He’s talking about SLIDE by Lexus, which distances itself from the current “Hoverboards” in the market by being an actual Hoverboard that literally hovers above the ground, without wheels.

In their promo video, the SLIDE looks like a hi-tech skateboard without wheels, with nitrogen dramatically spewing out from its sides. Surrounding skaters appear fascinated by the new arrival, and a few take turns hopping on the SLIDE for a spin. Unfortunately, one quickly falls and another couldn’t find his balance. A pro steps in, and the scene takes a dramatic turn.


He zips around the park effortlessly does a few cool tricks, including one over a car. If you weren’t looking closely, you might have mistaken it for a nondescript, everyday skateboard. But then you realize – it doesn’t have wheels.

How’s that possible, you ask? For starters, the board employed a re-engineering of core technologies, including maglev technology, short for magnetic levitation, and a right balance of super conductors, magnets and liquid nitrogen.

The cool toy won’t be hitting the market anytime soon, however, and can only work in a special magnetic skate park like the one shown in the video. But the SLIDE is real and we think it is one big step towards an unravelling of an interesting future that doesn’t appear too far along from now.






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