Behind The Scenes of Loewe’s Silver Puzzle

There’s a puzzling fascination behind a particular piece in the Loewe’s Spring Summer 2016 collection. How is this silver beauty made? Perfect stitching, clean geometric lines, and sophisticated indented prints, with a futuristic metallic finish for a bold statement. Well, you can wonder no more as we take you behind the scenes in the making of this gorgeous statement piece.

The Prototyping Process


Due to the sensitive documents and detailed information, the puzzle sketch and pattern is a top secret process in this prototyping process. This is where the bag is dreamed, imagined, and sketched on paper.

The Cut


A laser machine slices the leather with startling precision and deep accuracy, in practically the only place on Earth where assembling comes after pieces for the bags are cut. The quality of these cuttings are checked thoroughly and counts as a vital step in artisan work.

The Preparation


All pieces of leather are embossed with engraver plates, which also engrave the logo, before they are split, glued and assembled.

Jigsaw Pieces


With 41 different leather pieces, 9 textile pieces, 45 cloth armors including metallic and zips, the Puzzle bag is truly a jigsaw in the making.

Hand-worked Artistry


Painted by hand for that flawless finish, the edges of all leather pieces are a true work of art. 524 different actions make up the assembling of one bag, including the hand sewing of the pieces by Loewe artisans from the outskirts of Madrid, which takes over 3 days.

The Silver Puzzle


In total, an estimate of about 530 minutes (or 9 hours) is the average time taken to complete each bag.


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