Tranquility at Sri Lanka's Tri Resort

A peacock struts across a living roof of verdant local grasses and creepers, atop a stylish villa next to mine at Tri resort. Launched two months ago, the 11-suite lakeside property is the cutting edge of the new Sri Lankan hospitality, which is flourishing in a time of peace after the government vanquished the revolutionary Tamil Tigers in 2009, and after the 2004 tsunami. There is a “hidden-ness” to chic retreats such as Tri, which is perched on a secluded, 3.5ha plot on the shores of Lake Koggala in southern Sri Lanka.

Owner Robert Drummond, 49, an Oxford-schooled green warrior who cycles to the resort, welcomes us at lunch. Much like the resort, our lunch is contemporary with a Sri Lankan twist. Street food such as hoppers are topped with beetroot curry or prawns netted from the lake. Sushi is elegantly served with Sri Lankan herbs or barbecued green jackfruit; the soya sauce is picked up with a paintbrush.

A cinnamon-clad Water Tower housing a water tank is the heart of the resort, and villas spiral out from it. Somehow, the aesthetics are subtly appealing as the spiral is so inherent in nature. Cocooned in another structure is a spa, glass-encased library and airy yoga studio, where Drummond’s German wife, Lara, teaches quantum yoga. I get a Thai massage here from young New Zealander Nik Robson, a wandering yoga instructor who was a semiprofessional footballer in Orlando – it is all a swirl of global currents at Tri…

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Sri Lanka Tri Resort 1

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