Pureness of Sound: YAR Audio System

YAR Audio System


YAR is not just another audio brand. It’s a company that has dedicated four whole years to studying the art of sound reproduction, to develop a system that delivers the ultimate in audio experiences. The end result is bespoke a system that allows pure sound to naturally flow. With only 100 YAR audio systems being handcrafted in Italy, this is also set to be a rare gem of auditory perfection which only a handful of audiophiles will have the privilege of owning.

The company’s mantra is not to compromise on innovation since day one: each and every YAR component has been developed or cherry picked to deliver the ultimate sound solution, giving life to Feeld, B-Yond and Y-Der: the YAR system.  Functional design, together with cutting edge technology, ensures the unique purity of the YAR sound. The best components, materials and the most discerning of certified suppliers from the high-end car, aeronautics and space technologies industries, are YAR’s secret ingredients, while carbon fibre is the component that defines its harmonic perfection.

Used extensively for the first time in audio technology, carbon fibre is the only material that would ever be able to bring the concept of YAR to reality.  Its lightness and flexibility does not convey its strength in shielding the system from any external interferences, to guarantee the ultimate centre stage sound. 

YAR’s unique, bold design is a master-class in delivering an amazingly natural three-dimensional sound. Curved lines replace parallel surfaces to eliminate any internal resonance, the speakers ‘disappear’ and all that remains is the purest of sounds.










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