Check Out The Totally Indestructible Adamantini Martini Glass


Image: Wolfram

XMen fans, you would know exactly what The Adamantini is hinting at. Inspired by Wolverine's imperishable claws from the iconic comic book series, this sleek martini glass could very well be the fictional metal alloy bonded to the Marvel mutant’s retractable claws.

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With a low center of gravity, The Adamantini brings great balance and stability, with an impressive, solid 25 lb. billet of stainless steel from which it was machined. Despite its purported indestructibility, The Adamantini weighs a mere pound with the capacity for 8 oz. of your favorite martini. Of course, one is free to enjoy a variety of cocktails, margaritas or even your favorite ice cream in this precision-made stainless steel vessel, with a stylishly modern touch.

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The Adamantini comes with only one slight warning though – be careful of ice lingering on the outskirts of the glass as it will be too cold, and only approach your chilled martini only when the ice has melted.

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