Cocktail Trends by Millennial Bartenders for Millennials


Cocktail culture is skyrocketing internationally. With Asia, the Middle East and Latin America now represented on the World's 50 Best Bars list, the people leading this revolution are mostly millennial bartenders from across the globe. These creative youngsters are bringing fresh new ideas, techniques and cultural influences to their trade. So you can be sure to expect a dynamic fast-paced bar scene where new trends are emerging, inspiring everyone to drink better the world over. Moreover, according to research done by Cellar Trends, almost 9 out of 10 younger drinkers (88%) now enjoy cocktails on a night out.

55 of the bartending elite have battled it out at this year’s World Class Bartender Of The Year Finals in Mexico City. Nearly 10,000 bartenders from 57 countries have taken part to win the crown of best bartender in the world. In between judging the finalists, leading lights from the food and drinks industry got together to uncover the main trends that the young bartenders were displaying. Diageo Global Cocktailian Lauren Mote led the discussion including mixology legend Dre Masso; Australian MasterChef host & judge Matt Preston; Alex Kratena (formerly of Artesian - three time winner of World's Best Bar) and the World Class Bartender Of The Year 2014, Charles Joly.

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Here are 4 trends that millennials can look forward to:

Sustainable Serves


Cocktail served in a reused hard-shelled husk of a young coconut

Using ethically sourced produce and ingredients, will give you a peace of mind as well as help the environment. Moreover, more bars are using as many parts of the fresh fruit/produce as they can. This helps ensure less wastage and, if done properly, gives the cocktail a unique look - for instance, serving up a cocktail in a hard-shelled husk of a young coconut (above), rather than a regular glass. The "World Class Bartender of the Year" competition also reports that nearly one in two customers expressed a willingness to pay a 10% premium for socially responsible and environmentally friendly goods (we know we would).

Signature Serves


The Bellini from Harry's Bar is a must-try when you next visit Venice

The new generation of cocktail drinkers nowadays prefer a unique drink with a story behind it rather than the usual mix that's available at every bar. Take for example, the Bellini (above) from Harry's Bar in Venice; Giuseppe Cipriani one of the pioneering cocktail innovators, created the cocktail in Venice in the 1930s, and today when visiting Harry's Bar, the Bellini is a must-try. Besides, most of us millennials are now spending more on luxury experiences than luxury goods.

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Culinary Cocktails


Culinary Safari Majorca infuses rosemary and exotic spices with an orange base to mix a savoury culinary taste with sweetness

This is where food and cocktails collide. And it’s already being practiced at the world's top bars with occasionally eyebrow-raising results, whether it's a foie gras and salted caramel infused Manhattan; or even a 'Margherita' pizza cocktail.

Cocktails at Home


You don't require a professional and fully stocked bar to be able to make a decent cocktail at home

Try switching-up the ingredients you keep in your kitchen cupboards for more adventurous cocktail-making. Don't be afraid to experiment with alternate ingredients, flavours and mixes. Who knows, you may even stumble upon your own unique cocktail mix that could become a party favourite for your guests.  Research from Cellar Trends also reports that 73% of younger drinkers enjoy cocktails at home on special occasions.

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