Get Your Exclusive National Day Themed Drinks at these Singapore Bars

What better way to celebrate Singapore’s 52nd year of independence than with a birthday toast? The Botanist Gin (a type of Islay gin) will be commemorating this special occasion with a tribute to the Singapore Sling, the national cocktail. Here’s how it works: Five Singaporean bartenders from various bars will recreate their own version of the iconic gin-based drink. The best part? These cocktails are exclusively available at the respective bars this month:



True to its name, the bar features a retro-inspired interior with Khong Guan biscuit tins and Gold Cock Brand glass tumblers decorating the bar, making it a stand out amongst the other more expat-oriented ones along the Singapore River.

Name: Lion City

What the drink is: “The classic Singapore Sling, delicately refined with fresh and homemade ingredients, starring distinctly Singaporean flavours like pomelo and our national beer.”  – Edwin Poh

The ingredients: The Botanist gin, cointreau, homemade cherry cognac, pineapple shrub, fresh pomelo juice, homemade pomelo syrup, pomegranate seeds and Tiger beer.

60 Boat Quay, Tel: 65350838



With an industrial-chic interior made out of concrete and black painted metal, the bar focuses on creating modern interpretations of cocktails and foods.

Name: Culture of Singapore

What the drink is: “A spin to the Straits Sling, infused with symbols of our rich, multi-ethnic cultures and a nod to our history as a British colony. The cocktail is generously topped with pomegranate seeds that represent our tight but united population, and refreshing mint leaves that symbolize our constant innovation.”  – Boo Jing Heng

The ingredients: The Botanist gin, home blend earl grey, cassis, rose water, lemon juice, sugar, pomegranate seeds, mint leaves.

38 Seah Street, Tel: 6337 7355

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This cosy, intimate bar serves up artisanal tipples with interesting names inspired by Singapore’s history prior to its colonial times.

Name: SG52 Sling

What the drink is: “Tropical, refreshing, and made truly Singaporean with very familiar flavors from typical hawker fare like coconut, calamansi and kaffir lime leaves.”  – Panying Lee

The ingredients: The Botanist gin, cointreau, cherry liqueur, Benedictine D.O.M, spiced pineapple, lime juice, calamansi juice, Kaffir lime leaves, coconut soda.

10 Ann Siang Hill, Tel: 9389 9301

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If you’re up for some unique cocktails and drinks (along with snacks), here’s the place to be.

Name: Ong Lai Sling

What the drink is: “Ong Lai means ‘pineapple’ in Hokkien, and sounds similar to wang lai which means prosperity to come. This is the iconic Singapore Sling, blessed with the symbolism of good luck and prosperity from a popular local snack, pineapple tarts.”  – Jerrold Khoo

The ingredients: The Botanist gin, cointreau, cherry liqueur, Benedictine D.O.M, pineapple juice, pineapple tart syrup, fresh lime juice, Angostura bitters.

118 Telok Ayer Street, Tel: 6438 1836



Unlike many whisky-driven bars which have a more upscale and modern approach to its decor, The Flagship takes inspiration from an old-school American diner. None of the extravagant decorations, just raw brickwork walls, rustic timber benches and of course, tons of whisky bottles behind the counters.

Name: We Are Singapore!

What the drink is: “A twist to our iconic national cocktail with the nostalgic flavours from an old way of snacking on sweet pineapple slices mixed with chili tau yu (soy sauce).”  – Jerrold Khoo

The ingredients: The Botanist gin, cointreau, cherry liqueur, Benedictine D.O.M, pineapple juice, chili padi, apple cider vinegar, Brewlander Hope summer ale.

20 Bukit Pasoh Road, tel: 9011 8304

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