Limited Edition Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve is the Distillery’s Oldest Whisky


The Whisky Corporation has finally unveiled the Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve series in Singapore in a collection of ultra-bespoke single malt whiskies from Speyside’s Glenfarclas distillery. The critically acclaimed collection was launched locally by Glenfarclas’ sixth generation distillery director, George Grant.

Three distinct Glenfarclas vintages make the fantastic series, including the 43-year-old, 48-year-old and 59-year-old. Indeed, each bottle in the Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Trilogy features brilliantly hand-blown Glencairn crystal decanters with handcrafted, pagoda-shaped magnetic stoppers with a finishing of brass, silver or gold.

“With only 100 traditional 700ml sets produced, just 10 1.5-litre magnum sets and a collector’s edition of only 30 silver magnums, it is well-known within the industry these whiskies are extremely rare,” said Ben Morley, Chief Operating Officer, The Whisky Corporation. “Due to the massive pre-order demand prior to its release, only 10 sets will be made available to the market in December. All of the magnums and a total of 90 Trilogies were secured by collectors and those in the know some time ago.”

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The distillery also celebrates the launch of the limited edition Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve – the oldest whisky ever released by Glenfarclas at 62 years. The special edition was named after the distillery’s distinct façade, especially with its citrusy notes and exceptional balance, as with its expressively rich coating and a subtle sweetness to finish. The whisky is indeed symbolic of another fantastic era of Glenfarclas, marking another fine signature, adored with a namesake, ruby pagoda-shaped stopper and exquisite Glencairn crystal.

 Of course, the whisky’s rareness must be maintained, hence the 329-litre Pagoda Ruby Reserve 1954 single cask will be unveiled across two releases. The Limited Edition Silver will come in 180 700ml bottles and 62 Magnum 1.5-litre bottles whilst the Collector’s Edition Gold will only have 50 bottles, each in 700ml and magnums.

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