Super Exclusive: Highland Park Inner Circle Club and Ice Edition


A true whiskey connoisseur knows the Highland Park well – or by its reputation as the Orkney single malt with a Viking soul.

The distinguished single malt whisky name is renowned in the malt whiskey circles for being the greatest all-rounder, especially with 218 years of experience in the making of rather rarified single malt whiskies. Its resolute island style purveys a tantalizing combination of every element of a classic single malt, from its smokiness to its roundness, it’s richness of flavor and the length of finish.

This season’s special culminates in the fabled Ice Edition, featuring a glacial majesty that builds on the Highland Park’s Valhalla Collection. The Ice Edition champions the Classic Norse mythology and its extraordinary fables, in its retelling of the stories around Thor, Loki, Freya and Odin – four legendary Gods. The stunning edition is a 17-year-old expression that is released in very limited quantities of 30,000 worldwide, with only 20 available for purchase in Singapore. The edition is a stunning precursor to the next year’s coveted Fire Edition.

In an entrance to the emerging world of social media, Highland Park has launched a very exclusive Inner Circle Club as a closed Facebook group, where members can discuss ideas and share a common space among like-minded individuals who, like themselves, share a taste for authenticity and fine whiskey. The social group can only be extended through special invitations on a recurring basis, by existing members themselves. Member privileges are many, ranging from special quarterly events organized by Highland Park, VIP previews, bespoke custom gifts and special rights to pre-order new expressions.



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