7 Out-of-the-box creations by breweries and distilleries

Brewdog ‘End Of History’

Only 12 bottles of Brewdog's ‘End Of History’ were ever made, and each is stuffed into taxidermied roadkill; seven stoats, four squirrels, and one hare, to be exact. At 110 proof, The End of History boasts a crazy high ABV of 55%! That’s higher than most other types of spirits. Brewdog’s blond Belgian ale was mixed with nettles and juniper berries from the Scottish highlands and then freeze distilled multiple times to achieve its potent ABV. Each 350ml bottle costs US$765.

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Watenshi gin by the Cambridge Distillery


Only six bottles of this mega-priced gin were made by Will Lowe from the Cambridge Distillery after he found a way to capture the 'angel's share' – the minuscule amount lost to evaporation during distilling – of his premium Japanese Gin. He collected just 15 millilitres of the evaporated gin from each distillation, around one percent of the entire batch, until he had enough to fill six decanters. According to Will, the resulting gin is like nothing else on the market, and is comparable to the finest single malt whiskies in its intensity and complexity. Each 700ml bottle costs £2,000.

Veuve Clicquot ages bottles in the Baltic Sea


In 2014, Veuve Clicquot lowered hundreds of bottles of champagne deep into the Baltic Sea in an aging experiment that also commemorates the discovery of shipwrecked bottles in the same area. Three hundred regular bottles and 50 magnums of bubbly encaged in a specially built, underwater cellar, dubbed the Aland Vault after the Aland shipwreck off the coast of Finland, will remain buried for 50 years. The deliberately submerged Veuve Clicquot bottles currently lie 40m below the surface, where they’ll be monitored by cellar masters and occasionally retrieved for tastings.

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Nail Brewing Antarctic Nail Ale


Concocted by Nail Brewing in Perth, Australia, this beer was brewed using pure Antarctic ice. The ice was harvested from Antarctica, melted in Tasmania, and flown to Perth for brewing. At 10% ABV, only 30 bottles (500ml per bottle) were made and each carried a hefty US$1,800 price tag. Here’s the kicker: all profits went to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Scottish Sake by Arran Brewery

Scotland is known for its whiskey and Japan is known for its sake. But what if we told you that you could soon buy yourself a bottle of “Scotch Sake”? The Arran Brewery in Scotland has acquired a five acre site in Dreghorn for Scotland’s first Sake Brewery. The site will house, subject to the appropriate planning consents, Scotland’s first Sake Brewery as well as a state of the art brewing and distilling research and teaching centre.

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Ardbeg in Space

Ardbeg launched its first whisky experiment into space in 2011 – in the shape of vials of Ardbeg-crafted molecules – where it orbited the planet on the International Space Station at 17,227 miles per hour, 15 times a day. The experiment came safely back down to Earth in Kazakhstan, Central Asia on September 12, 2014, together with a precious vial. A team spent months unlocking the mysteries of maturation, through the study of the interaction between Ardbeg-crafted molecules and charred oak, both in micro-gravity (in orbit) and normal gravity (in Ardbeg’s Warehouse 3). On September 2015, Ardbeg’s very own Dr. Bill Lumsden revealed the maturation secrets of the universe in a White Paper.

Sapporo's Space Barley

In 2006, Japanese and Russian scientists tested how well barley could grow in space. They rocketed barley seeds to the International Space Station and planted them aboard the Zvezda Service Module. After spending five months in orbit, the fourth-generation of barley was brought back to earth, where Japanese brewer Sapporo fermented it into the world's first space beer. A six-pack costs US$110.

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