Singaporean connoisseurs can now become sole owners of some rarest whiskies


Refined connoisseurs and collectors of rare and precious single malt Scotch whisky in Singapore can now enjoy private access to the world’s largest and most varied whisky stocks, as Diageo extends its 2017 Casks of Distinction programme to a limited number of private buyers through Johnnie Walker House Singapore (pictured above). Casks of Distinction represents the pinnacle of exclusivity, where selected private individuals are invited to purchase single casks of extraordinary quality and character that have been carefully chosen from Diageo’s single malt Scotch whisky reserves.

Each cask chosen to be part of the Casks of Distinction programme has been extensively assessed multiple times before being shortlisted by Diageo’s Master of Malt Dr. Craig Wilson, who uses his 20 years of whisky experience to identify the finest casks.

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As each cask is unique, patrons will become the sole owners of some of the rarest whiskies ever to be created. Bottles taken from these casks are in great demand due to their outstanding quality and rare stocks – making them highly valuable investments.


In fact, the first bottle drawn from one privately-owned cask, a 1981 Port Ellen (pictured above), was auctioned at Bonhams in Edinburgh, Scotland, on October 4 for £9,375 (more than double its price estimate). Port Ellen, one of the key brands under the Casks of Distinction programme, is one of the world’s rarest and most sought-after Single Malt Scotch Whiskies.

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“Appreciation for rare and collectible whiskies in Asia is significant and growing – and the Casks of Distinction programme speaks directly to our discerning customers here, who seek privileged access to Diageo’s inventory of remarkable whiskies as they build up their whisky collections. These casks are so special and rare that we want to share them with our most esteemed clients by immortalising and putting these precious liquids in their hands.” adds Adam Brewer, Diageo Singapore’s Head of Johnnie Walker House Singapore.

Another example of a spectacular sale of a bottle drawn from a single cask from the Casks of Distinction programme took place a little closer to home earlier this year, in May. The oldest official bottle of Brora whisky (pictured below), distilled in 1972, was sold at auction by Bonhams in Hong Kong for a staggering £14,500. Filled at very high strength, the 44-year-old Brora expression is a rare survivor from a golden age after the Brora Distillery closed in 1983, never to reopen.

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