Tanqueray No. TEN Imperial Shaker makes sure the cocktail is Shaken, not Stirred

Tanqueray has been around since it was first distilled by Charles Tanqueray in 1830 in London. Like we mentioned in our guide on How to Buy Gin, gin is one of the most highly used spirits in cocktails. Tanqueray, being one of the world’s oldest gin distilleries, produces excellent gin.

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One of the more unique gins that the distillery offers is the Tanqueray No. TEN, which is crafted in Tanqueray’s small No. 10 still and is distilled with fresh citrus for a brighter palate. Tanqueray worked together with renowned mixologist, Jason Crawley, to create the very handsome and impressive-looking Tanqueray No. TEN Imperial Shaker. After all, every good cocktail needs a good shaker.

The Tanqueray No. TEN Imperial Shaker is without a doubt the world's coolest cocktail-making machine. Recreated from a nineteenth-century drawing under the watchful eyeful of Jason Crawley, the Tanqueray No. TEN Imperial Shaker is forged from cast iron, brass, copper, and silver. The 5-foot tall shaker executes a unique elliptical shake when the crank is turned, so sceptics can rest assured that it mixes drinks as well or even better than conventional methods.

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The Tanqueray No. TEN Imperial Shaker can be yours for US$35,000 – click here to purchase it from Neiman Marcus. A one-year supply of Tanqueray No. Ten and a personal cocktail education session for up to twenty guests with a Tanqueray mixology expert are included.

The Tanqueray No. TEN Imperial Shaker promises your drink to be shaken, not stirred.

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