Here’s what it takes to produce the 6-litre LOUIS XIII Le Mathusalem


First launched with an exclusive partnership with Harrods in September 2016, the Louis XIII Le Mathusalem edition is a rare collector’s item which is now available for connoisseurs in Singapore. Entirely crafted by hand, no two are exactly alike. Here are some facts that may interest you about the Louis XIII Le Mathusalem: 

Le Mathusalem holds 6 litres of the world’s most exquisite cognac


It contains a precious blend of up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie, drawn exclusively from Grande Champagne, the most prestigious Cognac cru. Only the very best eaux-de-vie are carefully tasted and selected by the Louis XIII Cellar Master. The blend evokes tasting notes and aromas of myrrh, honey, immortelle, plum, honeysuckle, woodbark, leather, and passion fruit.

It weighs 17kg including the 6 litres of cognac


A special cart was made to transport Le Mathusalem on its journey to the annealing, each precious decanter swaddled in a cloth with consideration and care. After Louis XIII Le Jeroboam (3 litres) in 2011, it joins Louis XIII Le Magnum (1.5 litres), Louis XIII La Miniature (50 ml), created in the 1960s, and the seminal Louis XIII first launched in 1874.

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It needs 10 times more crystal than the classic Louis XIII decanter


Unique tools and equipment needed to be specially conceived to handle and protect this amazing jewel. Crafted by hand, no two are exactly alike. The dentelles adornments on the decanter’s sides are wide enough to fit two hands.

11kg of crystal is used for one Le Mathusalem decanter


The Louis XIII Le Mathusalem stopper is the jewel atop this crown. More than a kilo of precious crystal, firm and cool in the hand, it gleams with myriad facets of light in its solid fleurde-lys.

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It takes 25 Baccarat craftsmen to create the decanter


The craftsmen, each with over a decade of experience, come together in a choreography that turns a ball of fire into a crystal masterpiece, with every step timed to perfection to ensure that each piece retains the vital temperature that crystal needs to become a piece of art. The crystal makers must master heat, air, tools, weight, balance, finesse, all in a ballet choreographed with expert timing.

It takes 60 days to craft a single Le Mathusalem decanter


Crafted in pure crystal, it requires hours of handiwork and years of savoir-faire to be forged. Inspired by an ancient royal flask unearthed from a battlefield in 1850, its distinctive shape and fleur-de-lys medallions are recognised the world over. Along with the tools, the gestures deftly applied to the traditional Louis XIII decanter had to be adapted to a new scale.

Dispatched by special delivery to the client’s door, Louis XIII Le Mathusalem is presented with a selection of extra features. Alongside the 6-litre decanter, each individually numbered, the Le Mathusalem coffer proposes 8 crystal glasses in a dedicated case, a tray, a pipette and stand and a prestige folio telling the Louis XIII Le Mathusalem story. Thanks to its smart, ingenious design, the coffer transforms into a prestigious display for the decanter and pipette.

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To complete the experience, each Louis XIII Le Mathusalem comes with a personal invitation to Cognac for 4 people to discover the Louis XIII terroir and live its history. During the visit a special opening ceremony will be performed by a House Ambassador who will treat all guests to the full Louis XIII tasting ritual.

The S$123,000 Louis XIII Le Mathusalem is only available for purchase through Louis XIII Private Client Director Chris Kwek at


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