5 Jobs For The Digitally Savvy That Didn't Exist 15 Years Ago

Digital Marketing Guru


For a number of years now, digital marketing through electronic media such as mobile phones and the Internet has been giving traditional forms of marketing a run for its money, since that is how most millennials consume their media. With that comes the digital marketing guru, whose job is to create an integrated marketing strategy that fully harnesses the potential of the various digital platforms available, from social media to e-mail and even microsites.

Tech companies such as Airbnb and Uber have rolled out engaging and highly effective digital campaigns, as have fashion companies such as Burberry. This year, the demand for digital marketing is expected to continue rising, as indicated by recruitment expert Hays’ quarterly report for January – March 2017.

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Community Wizard


Otherwise known as a social media or community manager, this role has been created directly as a result of millennials taking to social media platforms like ducks to water. In this position, community wizards are tasked to have a finger strongly on the pulse of social media chatter and are responsible for managing their company’s online presence, which could come in the form of Instagram and Facebook posts, Tweets and even blog entries. The job scope includes engaging the company or brand’s followers in the social media space – replying to comments, organising giveaways or posting live videos.

Sometimes, community wizards even have to straddle both the virtual and real worlds. For example, the community manager at Blk 71 San Francisco, the US branch of the Singapore-based start-up incubator, not only generates content for social media but also plays a key role in forging personal, real life connections with the local start-up ecosystem by organising networking and other community events



Move over influencers. Today’s most powerful and – ahem – influential brand advocates aren’t bloggers who post an endless stream of photographs on long, rambling articles on their blogs, but Instagrammers who carefully curate content into one perfectly framed photograph. The ability to take a beautiful photo and pair it with a witty caption has never been more lucrative.

For instance, Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts is known to host Insta-meets where the company flies a group of Instagrammers to one of their properties to create posts that showcase how much fun they’re having. It’s not just free trips and cool swag either – top Instagrammer Margaret Zhang (@margaret__zhang) was hired by Swarovski to photograph supermodel Miranda Kerr for its Miranda Kerr x Swarovski campaigns in 2015, while Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat) once revealed to Harper’s Bazaar that she could earn up to US$15,000 for a single post on Instagram. As they say, less is more.

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Just like how an Instagrammer posts photographs on Instagram, a YouTuber’s key job description is to create video content for the video sharing website. Also called Vloggers, these telegenic personalities create videos on almost every topic imaginable, but the most well-watched channels tend to be those that focus on “How To” guides. A popular Vlogger is Michelle Phan, who has created makeup tutorials for French beauty brand Lancome, while Chef John’s Food Wishes channel on YouTube is one of the site’s most popular cooking channels, according to Forbes.

In Singapore, YouTubers who share snippets of their wacky antics seem to be the most well-received. For instance, blogger-turned YouTuber Xiaxue has a series called Xiaxue’s Guide To Life which is currently in its 195th episode. Incidentally, Clicknetwork, the channel this show is broadcast on, is Singapore’s most subscribed YouTube channel, as ranked by VidStadsX, a subscriber, ranking and video statistics portal.

App Developer


Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and other mobile digital devices, an entire new category of jobs – app developers – has been created. But there’s more to developing an app than just knowing the right codes to key in. Apps have become so sophisticated that there is now the need for experts in both UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design to make the user experience seamless and intuitive. The UX designer’s job is to ensure that the look of the app is as visually appealing as possible – think of this person as an artist – while the UI whizz aims to make navigation as intuitive as possible. The demand for app development is so high that there are now app development companies focusing solely on this aspect of digital technology.

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